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History of Alcohol

Alcohol history

History of Alcohol

Abobakr mohammad Ibn Zakaria Razi,Iranian physician and chemist , discovered  alcohol through distillation of wine and called it Alcohl. Later, an American scientist, DR. Vandic called it Alcohol. In chemistry, alcohol is one of the significant groups of chemical compounds and it participates in a wide range of reactions; most chemical compounds are produced by using alcohol, and it is written in Morison and Boyd’s organic chemistry that if a chemist is to be left alone in an island while he could take ten compounds, one compounds amongst them would be alcohol. Generally, when it comes to the term alcohol, it primarily refers to ethanol; Ethanol is a colorless, volatile liquid with a biting odor and it is produced through fermentation of sugars.



Fuel for vehicles, solvent, application in medicine and in antiseptics, dye production, cosmetics.

Identification of Alcohol

  • Alcohol and its types

Any substance with the hydroxyl group OH- in its formula is considered as alcohol. Alcohol is derived from hydrocarbons in which any molecule is composed of several hydrogen and carbon atoms. Ultimately, an OH is substituted by one hydrogen atom, and alcohols are one of or multiple valances based on the number of OH groups. Their general formula is OH 1+ 2n H n C; and if their molecular weights are low, they dissolve in water at any ratio due to the formation of hydrogen bond. Alcohol is of several types and the following section describes some of them.



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