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One of the effective methods for prevention of incidence of diseases and for increasing the life span of human beings is making use of various kinds of antiseptic solutions and germicides. In this respect, functioning as a reputable authentic brand in manufacturing various kinds of absolute ethyl alcohol, medical alcohol, and industrial alcohol, Kimia Alcohol Zanjan company has attempted to produce antiseptic solution I.L.D with %70 alcohol


base for providing state’s health industry with better services by registration of brand Komakol; as this product is widely used for prevention of diseases, it is produced in various volumes and packages. It is noteworthy that all products produced by the above named company bear license and certificates required by Ministry of Health, standard and ISO 9001 and 13485; and the health centers and hospitals are provided with best quality products.


The range of effects

Komakol solution kills positive and negative warm bacteria, molds and mycobacterium Tb; it deactivates viruses (H1 N1-HCV-HIV-HBV,…) and prevents their transmit.



– It is ready to use (it doesn’t need to be diluted)

– It effects quickly and it is viable

– It is compatible with skin

– It doesn’t need to cleansing and it is economical

– It is easy to use

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